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Dr Organic is committed to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties within each of the ingredients used” – according to their website.

I was quite excited to try out the Rose Otto Cleansing Milk and Skin Toner as rose products are supposed to be very good for your skin.  However, I had quite a painful allergic reaction to the products which left my face bright red for almost an hour – I’m just glad I tried them in the evening rather than first thing in the morning!  I thought it would just be me who had the reaction so I got my mum to try them out too but the same thing happened.  It seems odd that we would have a reaction from a natural product, especially as I have never been allergic to any beauty products before and these Dr Organic ones are supposed to be particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Looking at the ingredients list, the natural ones are written in big, bold font but underneath are the unnatural ingredients in tiny writing.  I think that’s bit misleading as the website clearly says they create “unique, natural products”.

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  1. The rose is a symbol of love, youth and beauty which stems from its historical use throughout the centuries as a ingredient in skincare. Renowned for its anti-aging properties it also firms and tones the skin, while improving the skins texture making it appear smoother, softer and younger.

  2. I have just used Organic Royal Jelly light and bright and my face is burning and looking at all the blogs it seems the Company is not taking this very seriously.

  3. Want to continue previous comment. I used this cream with salt of Dead sea everyday, on the second day i didn’t have so lot of redness, after i had a few spots of redness, yestarday i just had warm on my face, but no redness at all (first time i was fully dark red). I also found infornation that you shouldn’t put products with mud and salt from Dead sea on full time (like it was noticed in instuction), because skin has to be in habit to these products. Step by step. I want to say that my problem really disappered and skinbecame more better. Don’t be scared from first redness, keep try again, i felt it from third time!

  4. Hello, i also haven’t allergic reaction before on any cosmetics, today I’ve tried cream with dead sea salt my face became red, but after 1hour everything had disappered on my eyes. After I found information, that redness afret mask or cream with salt or mud of dead sea it’s advantages of product. Because started process of microcirculation of blood in the skin. Sorry for pour English

  5. I too have had a horrific reaction about half hour ago after using the Mask. My face started tingling after about 5 minutes. I washed the mask off quickly but my face looks horrific. Bright red, tight, tingling and now feels like my face is burning, It’s very scary. These products should not be on the market.

  6. My daughter had a severe allergic reaction to the Pomegranate Deodorant. Does anyone have a contact address. I will be returning the three dr.organic deodorants I purchased. What a massive worry.

  7. I developed heaviness in my head and as well very sleepy after using Royal jelly day and night whitening cream. is anyone also had the reaction to the cream

  8. I too have had a terrible reaction to the anti aging mask. In fact, I was red raw and looks as though I’d been out in the sun all day without protection!

    I have spoken to Dr. Organics about this awry have said that they are reducing some of the essential oils due to a small percentage of people have an allergic reaction. However, I see that Michael said that four years ago. Clearly that haven’t bothered to do as they said..

    I wouldn’t touch this stuff again plus it going to complain to Holland and Barrett ass they need to be aware of all of these reactions.

  9. Hi Helena,
    I too found your blog when searching allegic reaction to Dr Organic skincare products. I have, twice, had a bad reaction only after having my usual Priori facials, which have never caused me any problem before I started using Dr Organic products at home.

  10. Oh dear

    Ive had these burning and flushed face teactions to the DeadSea mineral cream and the snail gel cream. I thought with the Dead Sea mineral cream, that it must ge something to fo with it stimulating oxygen and blood supply to the skin but reading these blogs mahes me realise its an allergic reaction. Especially now with the snail cream too. Ive written to dr organics. Maybe we all should because i like the products(texture, smell, natural ingredients) but not the effect.

  11. so glad I read these remarks about Dr Organic skin care products. Nearly bought some in H & B yesterday but thought I would do some research first as no samples available. I have dry and sensitive skin and am always looking for a natural product that will help (am using Avene and Dermalogica products at the moment). Don’t think I will be buying them now! Suggestion to Dr Organic and H & B – how about giving away samples first for people to try?

  12. I also have had exactly the same reaction as all of the above and find it shocking this product is still on the market and that there are not huge warnings, especially as the dr organic bioactive skincare product that I was using states that it can be used for sunburnt skin, scars etc, so I would have thought it would have been well-tested and completely safe. I have never had any reaction to anything before and I used it on my face for three days, with no problem whatsoever. Then, today, within minutes of putting it on my face started to burn and sting very badly. I looked in the mirror and it actually looked like my face had been burned. The skin was raised and swollen and bright red. Very very very scary. I dread to think what would have happened if I had put it on before going to sleep. I have a small patch on my cheek that hasn’t calmed down and I am praying that it goes completely as it looks unsightly and damaged and I really hope that the company do something about this product and warn others of the possibility of this happening.

  13. I have just used the Rose Otto Face Serum that I bought from Holland & Barrett, I am typing this with a red stinging face! I have never had a reaction from any skincare before and I would say my skin type is ‘normal’. I am surprised at this reaction as I expected a ‘Natural Organic’ product that has less chemicals (not so sure?) would be less likely to cause a bad reaction. Like I said I have never suffered any reaction like this before so I am in shock, and in pain :'(
    I plan to return this product to Holland & Barrett tomorrow or Dr. Organic otherwise. Unfortunatley I won’t trust this brand again.

  14. Started using the pomegranate face cream about 6 months ago, then tried the rose Otto face cream and was very happy with them both, also the rose Otto eye cream works very well for me, but earlier this evening I tried the royal jelly night cream and my skin reacted immediately , my face went hot and red, I washed it off right away, and applied the rose Otto cream as I had some left over, and it settled down. So i’l swop the royal jelly for the rose as it doesn’t agree with me

  15. It feels really scary to read all this just days before wanting to purchase an eye cream from their range. I only tried their Rose Shampoo which I find to be the best I’ve ever tried (better that Lush shampoos)
    I’m glad I’m not going to buy anything else from now on as I simply do not trust this brand anymore. Shame though. I do recall having a similar reaction to an organic brand called Vegeticals (via Sephora) years ago, I guess natural products are very tricky, but I still would never go back to all the L’oreal garbage…perhaps Aloe Vera is the sollution ?

  16. i got my full refund from the shop , i think only depend on where u bought it from , i bought it from the online health shop in sydney , after i send them a email to make a complaint , they refund my money immediately , also they ask me provide the batch number of the cream and they told me they will make a report to this company .

  17. after using babylotion from being young and never changing to skin creams for mature skin,ive always been scared to change with having such sensetive skin.now being 33and noticing wrinkles i thought it was time to try a new product. I heard about dctr organics rose otto+heard it was outstanding. well i spent a fortune on the cleanser,toner,moisteriser,facial serum,scrub,eye serum.10mins after using them i felt a warm sensation, then my head felt hot. then i got a bad headache in which i get migraines anyhow , so as you can imagine i wasnt very well and had to lie down. i felt dizzy my face was that hot. my skin was tight and burny. i went on the website and thought id find the number for the shop i bought it from see if theyl do owt as i new it shouldnt do that. after seeing all you people with the same problems i think ive got the right to complain and a refund.
    But do we get the refund from the shop or the company?
    Do i go back to baby lotion or any body found a gd product yet?

  18. i live in sydney australia , i bought this rubbish dr organic just before i read this review , my all family got burning face for 3 hours after apply the rose cream and vitamin e cream , what a joke , every body in my family , so that is not allergic reaction , that is something wrong with cream , i will make a complain to fare trading center in australia , i wish all the public knew about the brand

  19. Hello everyone. I just thought I would post my personal experience on here as I think they may be helpful. I work at Holland and Barrett and obviously these products are very intriguing, so I have given A LOT of the products we sell a go. First I tried Vit E day cream and thought it was horrible, but I do have very oily skin so a poor choice really. I currently use the rose toner, cleanser, day cream, manuka shampoo + conditioner, face mask and face scrub. I absolutely ADORE these products! Never had any problems with them, BUT I have reacted to something else. One day at work I decided to give the pomegranate eye cream a go as we has a tester. Within a minute or two I began experiencing the same thing as mentioned by everyone else. Red, sore, itchy, swollen eyes, which spread over my face rapidly! Imagine having to work looking like that! Basically what i’m trying to say is although there are a few of us that have had a problem with the range, it really is down to the individual and and the various different products. If you’ve not been too put off by the reviews I would say go try it, amazing range. And also, buy them from Holland and Barrett, IF you do happen to have a reaction we will always offer a full refund, no questions asked 🙂

    1. hi jade you said you work at Holland+Barratt, i bought nearly the whole range of rose otto, dctr organics range. you mentioned they take them back if you have a reaction no questions asked is that correct as i have been experiencing the same side effects as the others on this blog for the last 3days.

  20. Hello everyone!
    I am so glad to have found this blog since I suffered the exact same reaction to Dr Organic Royal Jelly Day and Night cream.
    I was already using Dr Organic Tea Tree face wash, no complaints there. So I thought I’d pamper myself by switching from the chemical cream I usually use (Garnier) to a pure, organic product and trustingly bought both the day and night cream.

    Immediately after applying the night cream I felt tingling which about 30 seconds later turned into a burning feeling and when I looked in the mirror, my nose, chin and forehead were bright red. I went to bed after that so don’t know how long it lasted. I initially gave the product the benefit of the doubt since it promised to remove fine lines I figured it might do so a bit abrasivly, but in the morning my skin looked dry and cracked ( I have oily, combination skin) and my fine lines were much more obvious!

    Because I had used a tea tree toner before applying the nightcream, I thought it could be a chemical reaction between the ingredients. So in the morning I applied to day cream straight onto my washed face; same effect as the night cream except my whole face was bright red. I took pictures so appalled I was. It took a few hours to return to normal. I also had a headache all day – and I never have headaches. I thought that was odd but after reading here someone else also got a headache using Dr Organic products I am convinced it was a product reaction.

    Like I said I have oily combination skin, not at all sensitive, I am 39 years old and have used all sorts of products throughout the years inclusive very harsh anti acne stuff as a teenager and have NEVER had redness and burning or any allergic reaction to anything.

    When applying the cream my first thought was that the smell was a bit overwhelming. When I saw the redness I thought it may have gone off, there is no production or sell by date on the packaging or pots. Having read this blog I now doubt that.

    I am going to take the products back to where I bought them (I live in the Netherlands) and feel more confident now doing so since I will be able to tell them there are so many people who have the exact same reactions.

    Love and light to you all! x

  21. i had a reaction to the the dr organic Rose Otto range, used the cleansing milk, toner and day cream yesterday, my face started to burn and i watched in the mirror as my face turned bright red. i took a allergy tablet straight away.

    Called H&B Customer services this morning re problem with Otto rose, my face is in a terrible state now, just taken another allergy tablet. I’m returning the products, getting a full refund. This has really upset me.

  22. I just discovered the Dr Organic products today and was tempted to buy some products as I love rose! However I like to do a little research before buying new products… I’m glad I did! 🙂

    I had a reaction to a natural moisturiser (not Dr Organic brand) and my naturopath who uses a Vega machine was able to pinpoint the ingredient which was upsetting me which was sulphur. I’m in Australia so can’t recommend her but maybe you could try to find someone who uses a Vega machine in your area if you are interested in finding out exactly what upset you.

  23. Follow up to the above called H&B Customer services re problem with Otto rose-told me they took complaint seriously and asked that I tell their retail branch to forward toner to them when i went in for my refund.
    No problem with getting a refund by the way as product sold not fit for purpose .
    Now using Weleda products which I have to say are excellent,quality- German made like Dr Hauschka but similar in price to Dr Organic- just sorry cant find UK produced, high quality,natural skincare range at fair price unless anyone can recommend?

  24. Hi everyone
    Thank you for stopping me from buying Dr Organic otto rose moisturiser. I had just bought the toner and had noticed a slight redness but put it down to dry sensitive winter skin. Tried again with the toner and find it far from gentle – it feels astringent like a teenager’s acne toner! Makes me wonder what percentage of witchhazel it actually contains? So it looks like I will go back to Dr Hauschka products at almost 3 times the price but at least my skin won’t fall off. Also very unimpressed by Dr O’s followup to customers concerns – does Holland and Barrett care?


  25. Hello all,

    I am so glad i found more people that have had the same problem as me. I thought i was the only person who had an reaction to using these bioactive Organic rose otto range.

    I have never reacted to anyother product before, I my face is red and really stinging and i am really angry and also mad at the fact i used all my birthday money on buying the whole range because i had faith in the company. Well i thought wrong!

    This is what ive just posted to the company,

    “Hello, I have just bought your bioactive Organic rose otto range, the cleaner, toner, facial serum and moisturiser and when i used them on my face, it felt like it was burning and made my face very red. I find this unexceptable.

    I was very excited to use these products and i spent all of my birthday money on your whole Organic Rose Otto range with confidence that your products would achieve my concerns and I am very disapointed with the results, of the fact that it burnt my face and i look surn burnt and its winter. It has made me very embarrsed.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible”.

    I bloody hope i get a reply.

    1. Hi Annemarie,

      Hope your face is recovering – not a great way to use your birthday money! When I emailed the marketing director a few weeks ago he replied that the new batch of facecream has a smaller amount of fragrance in it, so maybe that’s better for the skin. However, they don’t seem to have taken those old batches out of the shops, which I think they should do..

    2. I tried the organic Arian oil anti aging stem cell cream and virgin coconut oil night cream and Arian oil day cream for just 2days woke up with red marks under my eyes,neck,and terrible puffy eyes which made me look older,stopped using it immediately never ever had this reaction before, I’m 48 years old,got to go to work looking like this,nightmare would love to know if anyone else experienced this,sticking to my Nivea cream!!!

  26. Hi Ladies and Gents,

    I have received a letter from Mr. Michael, who is working for Dr. Organic. To be honest, I did not expect to receive one, but I do appreciate they apology and wish to refund. But instead of taking the refund, I have asked them to include the topic in they website about an allergies…What customer should do if he/she gets one (at that precisely moment), when the rash will go away and that the customer should ask people at the counter to advise on what could cause the allergy…
    I hope both sides had a very big lesson and I hope Dr. Organic will not be insensitive to this problem and be customer-friendly.

    Thanks once again to honest replay to Mr. Michael Lightowlers
    Marketing Director of Dr. Organic Ltd.


  27. Hi Ladies!!!

    What a horrible morning!!I applied eye serum of Dr. Organic and i was completely shocked!It took my boyfriend an hour to calm me down after what i saw in the mirror!!

    I have sent a letter for them:


    I am so mad at your company!!!!!!! I have never had any bad reactions using any cream at any point ever before!!!! And it doesn’t metter cream cost one penny or hundreds!!!

    I always looked after my skin, and kept myself healthy. Today i have experienced dire calamity !!!! I applayed Dr. Organic Eye Serum. I usualy use it once in month ish, and you can see from the foto what i’ve got!!!

    red skin, tightness, slight stingy/burning feeling!!! Plus it gave me a headache!!!! I would never wish enyone to experience it!!!

    I think, you sould stop taking these products in to market! If you get even one of your clients experienced what i just did!!! As from forum : http://hels89.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/dr-organic-rose-otto/ I could tell i’m not the one. And what
    March 3, 2011 at 8:45 am
    Said it’s far away from an answer!!!!

    Instead of inviting to try new range of Dr. Organic products and having a lough, you should write a big apology and state what to do in such a case if anyone else gets the same symptoms! As I was trying to google what to do and found just that pathetic explanation from staff who works for Dr. Organic!!!!


    I don’t expect to get an answer, what i do expect the company should at least write what can we do if we get such a reactions! What if the next time it’s gonna happened permanently????what if our faces will be damaged for good????what Mihael who works for Dr.Organic write then???to try new products again????

    Shame on this company.

  28. Glad I found this blog via google. I’m a 33 year old Irishman and just today purchased the Dr. Organic super hydrating Vitamin E moisturizing cream from Holland and Barrett in Dublin. I have a small bit of eczema and try to find which products are best for me.

    Now to say i’ve tried a few different moisturizers would be an understatement nut never have I had a reaction like this one. As I’m typing this at 35 mins past midnight (my nightly wash before sleep)

    I am bright RED in the face, like a very ripe cherry. I kid you not! My face is burning and I’m getting flushes, what a disaster. I used a tiny amount about my face. €9 or a 50 ml glass container of hell.

    What can one do now? Can’t bring it back it’s opened. Write to Dr. Organic for a refund?


    1. Hi Dermot. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the comment above from Michael? You could try emailling him to ask about a refund or replacement?

  29. Hi guys, just thought I would post comment here because I followed all your previous comments regarding these products & have had some really great results. I was rather afraid to try the Rose Otto serum after reading the comments above, but I so wanted to try it knowing how well rated it is by others. I react badly to most new things, getting blisters on my face from almost anything (even play dough that my son tried to stick to me) I have been using the serum at night & the cream during the day for 2 weeks with no adverse reactions!!! & I have to say that the fine lines on my decollate have improved lots since I started this range. I am using the manuka honey face mask & the shampoo/conditioner & body wash, I think they all smell yummy!

    1. I have used eye serum of Dr.Organic for a long time …and so what?I suddenly got that allergy reaction on my face. Honesly, don’t think there is something in that range of product to brag about. I used shampoo, conditionier, face scrub, day and night cream and didn;t get any bad reactions. Although, nothing good either.
      Good luck Nicola, and i hope so you’ll never have to experience what i have just experienced…

  30. It seems to me that the version without fragrance has been safe to use (I’ve only tried the standard version however), so maybe it is the clove oil used in the fragrant version that is responsible for the allergic reactions? I’ve moved on to using various Boots and Superdrug skincreams without any problem – must say I’m a bit disappointed about Dr Organics as there hasn’t been much further response from them.

  31. This morning I had an instant reaction to the Rose Day Cream – very painful burning feeling and bright red. I look like I have been in a fire. I just sent off an email to them, along the lines of “What the hell is in this? It does not say ‘may be unsuitable for sensitive skins’ anywhere on the jar or box”. Let’s see what they come back with – some apathetic disclaimer, I’m sure. SO angry!!!

  32. Dear All,

    I responded to the message from Michael at Dr Organic. I thought I would take
    up his offer and trial the Rose Day Cream. Here is my report:

    Dear Michael,

    On the 9 March, I started testing the sample face creams that you supplied.
    I first sampled the ‘new’ Rose Face Cream (without aroma), on the inside of my
    arm. The cream feels rich and has a very subtle rose scent (or is it my

    I cleansed my arm in the same way as I look after my face, and used a Boots
    brand tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash. I moisturised my arm day and
    night for 5 days. So far, I had no unwanted side effects, so I felt confident in
    trying the cream on my face.

    Going against your good advice, I confidently moistured my whole face and
    neck. On the second day/third application I noticed a very slight reaction on my
    chin. I was not alarmed, as I have often noticed the skin in this area is prone to
    a reaction. The skin was very slightly red and bobbly. I decided to stop using the
    tea tree and witch hazel face wash, and just cleanse my face with water.
    This seemed to help. I continue testing the product, with no further reaction.

    On day 8, I decided to test the Rose Otto Day Cream (with aroma) on the
    inside of my arm. I applied liberally as before. It smells great, maybe a little
    overpowering, as I rather enjoy the subtleness of the ‘aroma free’ cream.
    I applied twice, one morning – one night and then woke to find I had a sore,
    itchy and blobby red arm. It looks nasty but isn’t painful. I have taken pictures
    if you need further reference.

    I was surprised how quickly my arm had reacted! Needless to say, I immediately
    stopped using the Rose Otto Cream. I now felt apprehensive about continuing
    my trial of the ‘aroma free’ cream. I am no longer testing it on my face,
    but continue to apply the cream just to one half of my neck. Having read some
    comments on Helena’s blog, it appears some people had a sudden reaction after
    using the product for over a month.

    It is my intention to give this new Rose Cream a good trial time. So, I will
    continue testing and will report back in due course.

    Kind Regards,

  33. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for replying to the various emails here. I’m glad that Dr Organics is looking at the essential oils in this skin cream. I’ve just looked up one of the ingredients, clove (Eugenia caryophyllus), on http://www.cosmeticdatabase.com. According to the database this ingredient is recommended for restricted use only in cosmetic products due to links with allergies and immunotoxicity. Also, a sample size of 50 people means that about 2 % of the population still might be sensitive to the product (possibly more due to error margins in the data). I don’t know whether patch tests are done on the face, but if not then facial skin might be more sensitive. Also, the time of exposure would play a role, as I only got sensitised to the product after using it for about two months.

  34. Hello everyone, I work at Dr.Organic and have come across the blog regarding some of the Rose products. We take the comments regarding reactions very seriously and although we are aware that there will always be a small number of people who have reactions we are committed in trying to reduce the number of instances wherever possible. To date the number of complaints is less than 0.01% of what we have sold but we want to reduce this further if we can.

    When we develop a new product we have an external advisor asses the product from a safety perspective, following this the product is sent for patch testing where 50 people trial the product and their use of the product is monitored, if a product has been launched it means it passed both these processes.

    So what can cause such a reaction? Normally a sensitivity is to a particular ingredient, or a combination of hyper skin sensitivity (from external factors like extreme cold, stress, diet, medication, other cosmetics etc) One area we are looking at are the natural essential oils used in the products. All essential oils are made up from a number of components some of which are identified as allergens, meaning they can cause a skin sensitivity in some people. We are currently trialling versions of the Rose Day Cream with no aroma to both help people identify their sensitivity, if anyone would like to try one of these creams please email me at info@drorganic.co.uk
    Sorry for rambling on.

  35. I have had this same reaction. In fact, I am writing the company right now and adding a link to this blog so that they can see how many people are upset about this. I am a BIG Dr. Organic fan but have experienced burning and redness from the Vitamin E face cream and Pomegranate face cream. When I have had questions before they were quick and helpful… So, I think that we should all write Dr. Organic about our complaints and concerns.
    By the way, I was also looking online to see if anyone else has had a reaction this cream… so good! I’m not the only one.

  36. Hello there. I was really keen to try Dr Organic’s Rose Otto Day Cream, but after reading your comments I will think again! I have sensitive skin love the smell of roses and would have thought this product be perfect for me. I’m glad I came across your blog. Thanks Helena!

  37. Like many others, I don’t usually suffer from allergic reactions to skin creams, but after using the Rose Otto night cream for 2 months I suddenly developed a strong allergic reaction with red, flamy, hot skin. It took several hours for the skin to calm down. I mentioned this next time I went in to my local H&B shop, but the response was quite defensive (‘Anybody can be allergic to anything, but the Rose Otto face cream doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals’). I guess I might have reacted to a plant extract rather than a preservative, but based on this blog I’m not the only one who is sensitive to one of the ingredients.

  38. Strange – I have just had the same reaction. Only had an allergic reaction once before, to a product from the ‘This Works’ range. I used the Rose Otto night cream. Face was bright red, burning, stinging, itchy – it was quite scary. Took a few hours to cool down. Perhaps we should direct these comments to H&B? Sounds like there have been a lot of reactions of late.

  39. Hello Ladies! I also came across your blog searching for bad reactions to Dr Organic Rose Otto cream. I kept trying it, but my skin stings like hell after using it and I get ezcema like dry skin with prolonged use. Treating my skin with a Ponds/Oil of Olay moisturizer afterwards seems to restore the moisture.

    I would guess the Dr Organics range has not been appropriately tested.

    Natural does not mean “good for you”. Give me synthetic products that have been dermatologically tested and actually do what they say on the tin anyday!

    Thanks for blogging this Helena.

  40. Yes I have just had the same reaction with the day cream – my face and neck went bright red and blotchy and felt all puffy. I am very glad to have found your blog as now feel I have enough of a case to return the product to them. I also bought mine at Holland and Barrett and have never had a reaction to any face cream, even when I have sensitive skin. Many thanks

  41. Hello Helena & Amanda, I also came across your comments as I was searching for allergic reactions to Dr. Organic Rose Otto moisturising night eye serum.
    Both my husband and I have had the same reaction, red skin, tightness, slight stingy/burning feeling. Very concerned as skin around the eyes is so delicate. Do you have any more information from the company or have you had responses from others?

  42. Hi Helena,

    I too have suffered exactly the same reaction as you to using this product – my face looks like a tomato! In fact I was specifically searching online for any feedback regarding the product when I found your blog. I can’t understand it either as I am 38 and have never had a reaction to any skincare before (and have certainly tried a lot over the years!). I also get the same reaction using the toner on its own. I would be interested to know which specific ingredient I am reacting to. I was unsure whether to write directly to the company or take it back to Holland & Barratt where I bought it from. I think from seeing it’s not just me I will contact the company directly.

    1. That’s interesting Amanda. I had a quick look for other peoples reviews on these products but nobody else seemed to have a same problem so I figured it was just me! I wonder if the same thing’s happened to anyone else?

      1. I was looking for people who have had allergic reactions to Dr. Organic light and bright cream because I just put it under my eyes to try and get rid of my dark circles and under my eyes are hot and red now so.. But in saying that it doesn’t hurt its just really red

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