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Hello, I’m Helena, I’m 28 and I’m an Engineer in Aberdeen. You may think that sounds a bit boring, but it’s not, honestly! When I’m not working, I’m cooking (mainly because I love eating!), reading, going places or doing stuff to the house. I’m originally from Cardiff but when I left university in Bristol, many moons ago, my first job was with an Aberdeen company and I ended up staying here in Scotland.  Then I met Mr. Helena aka Mik, a proud Scotsman, and the rest is history!

I’ve been blogging since uni but recently for various reasons, my head has been all over the place and the blog was not exactly a priority. You can read why here – The Next Chapter.

I write about all sorts of things and sometimes I get products sent to me for free to review. BUT I will always give my honest opinion and never actually get paid to write reviews.  Remember that everything on my blog is my own opinion so it may well differ to yours. That’s good as it makes for a much more interesting world!

Feel free to leave a comment on my posts to let me know if that’s the case as not everybody has the same experience with every product!


If you have a question about my blog or would like me to review something, then you can contact me easily.

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