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RapidLash is an eyelash enhancing serum which claims to ‘improve the overall appearance and condition of lashes from just 8 weeks’.  It is made up of polypeptides to strengthen and protect lashes, proteins and vitamins to replenish lashes and keep them healthy as well as ‘moisturising and rejuvenating agents’ to add shine.

I’ve been using RapidLash for nearly 3 months now.  You apply it in the evening before you go to bed and leave it to work overnight.  In the beginning, I didn’t really notice any change in my lashes (although I didn’t remember to use it every night which may have made a difference to how long it took for any effects to show) but over the past month or so I’ve begun to notice that they are getting thicker in the corners and are getting longer too.  They also seem to be falling out less!  I should have taken before and after photos but I didn’t think of this until quite a few weeks in sorry!  You are supposed to use RapidLash every day for at least 8 weeks and from then on just 2- 3 times a week to maintain the condition of your eyelashes.

I would recommend RapidLash but remember that it does seem to take a while to make a difference so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work straight away!  You can buy RapidLash from Boots, either in store or online.

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