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Zing Organics is run by a lovely lady called Kirsty who makes eco and organic candles which are entirely natural and dye free with completely recyclable packaging.  I was thrilled to be sent two candles to review, one scented with cinnamon bark and white pine and the other with neroli and lime.  So far I’ve actually only lit the cinnamon and white pine one but it smells so amazing that I’ve ended up lighting it every day since moving into my new flat!  A scented candle is the perfect way to relax after a day at work.  The scent is delicate but after it’s been lit for half hour or so you can smell it throughout our whole flat (to be fair the flat is quite small but still!).  I love that the candle doesn’t give off that soot you get from cheap Ikea candles. I love the personal touch of the handwritten labels on the packaging and am really impressed with the high quality of the candle itself.  You can buy Kirsty’s candles online (and I definitely think you should try them!) and remember to watch out for my review of the neroli and lime scented candle coming soon!

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