Zhu Zhu Microwaveable Slippers

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I know it hasn’t exactly been cold recently but I always seem to have freezing feet so I’ve just got a pair of microwaveable slippers which I’ve wanted for ages!  I LOVE THEM!

My slippers are from Zhu-Zhu and cost £12.99.  They are really quick to heat up – just 1 ½ minutes in the microwave.  The temperature is perfect and the slippers stay warm for a couple of hours at the same time giving off a lovely lavender smell.  I love the cow print design as well, which matches my dressing gown perfectly!  When the slippers first arrived I thought that they looked really big and wasn’t sure if they would fit but they are actually the perfect size and only look big because of the little beans inside which are the bits that heat up.

I almost can’t wait for the winter now as I really want to be able to wear the slippers more often!

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