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Recently the weather has been perfect for trying out my new Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.  They are from a website which sells discounted designer sunglasses called wantsunglasses.co.uk.  Having looked around at a few different websites and high street shops I’ve found that they do seem to work out cheaper than everywhere else.   They have got loads of different brands, styles and colours and the website is very easy to navigate with a handy search bar down the left hand side.

The pair I have are plain black with a sparkly D&G logo on the arms.  They come in a little bag to keep them in which is just the right size to fit in your handbag but if you are worried about them being squashed, the little bag fits inside a more solid case as well.  The second case is not that sturdy and to be honest I am always nervous that they will be squashed and broken by something in my bag seeing as they are the most expensive sunglasses I’ve ever had!  This pair of sunglasses cost £94.40 but delivery is extra, however you will get them by the next day.  One downside to buying online is that you can’t try on the sunglasses before you order them.  I’ve found that the sunglasses are slightly too tight so I get a headache if I wear them for too long.  I would recommend going into a shop to try on some different pairs of sunglasses to check they suit you and that they fit before going home to order them online.  Although, if you regularly wear glasses you may already know what bridge size and eye size you want.  If so there is the option to search using these criteria so no need to go into a shop first!

I think this is a really good website if you are into designer brands but I think in future I will stick to cheaper sunglasses as I am very clumsy and sunglasses don’t tend to last me very long before I manage to break them!

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  1. Harshard, everything you say echoes my experience. I did get a refund eventually so don’t give up.

    By the way, if you are looking for a online optician then speak to http://www.metsuki.co.uk. I’ve bought two pairs of specs from them. They pick up the phone, email you regularly and send out glasses quickly.

  2. Unfortunately I only read the reviews about this company once I had placed my order.

    I placed my order online and was emailed the following day to say that my item was not in stock and would have to be ordered from Italy, which would take around 7-10 days.

    I emailed back stating that I wanted to cancel my order and was advised that my refund would be processed.

    1 week on my payment still has not been refunded. This seems a familiar story, and I may well have to take this up with my credit card company after 30 days, as your statutory rights allow retailers to process your refund within 30 days, only after that period will they intervene.

    Whilst email communication was good, the emails appear to be standard templates which never have an individuals name on them. It also seems that the company is probably run either from another country which is why it uses a PO Box address for returns and correspondence.

    I have absolutely no confidence in this company and would strongly reccommend you go elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and pay the extra £20 or so and buy from the highstreet. Thats exactly what I plan to do now.

  3. Nearly 4 months have passed since I made the mistake to pay for a pair of sunglasses from them. No glasses, no refund but only a number of outerly strange explanations and now they are not answering my mails anymore.

    This is almost humoristic, but 6 weeks after promising my refund I emailed them and asked why they hadnt sent any money. First they said that they had problems extracting my account details. A couple of mails later they said that they did not have my card number due to safety for customers sake.

    Phone line is dead, no more answers to my emails and they still have my money. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

    And nope, I cant use VISA credit chargeback because it has been more than 3 months now (should have acted immediately), but will turn to the police.

  4. Exactly the same as above, ordered glasses they take the money, dont have them in stock and say they will refund and am still waiting – is this fraud?

  5. Hey Guys, i constantly bombarded their facebook and twitter pages with messages demanding a refund and exposing their poor customer service. i got an email today saying they have refunded me and asked me to me to wait 14 days for it. Its some progress but i’m still skeptical after Maria Panayiotou’s post

  6. I have no problems in recommending them. Had issues earlier but later resolved and got compensation as well. so I am happy!!!!

  7. I’ve been on Watchdog’s (the BBC programme) website and submitted a complaint to them about WantGlasses.

    Yes, they might have bigger fish to fry but perhaps if we all do this they might look into it. It only takes a few minutes.

  8. The same here – have ordered sunglasses at the start of the May, was charged – and no sunglasses until now…They’re not responding on my e-mails, phone line goes dead….I’m trying to spread this around..Also – they are on the Facebook – so I wrote my comment on their wall – my complain – and it was erased by them immediately (few minutes)!!!!!!!!!

  9. I ordered a pair on June 5 which have not been delivered. My emails have gone unanswered and you are unable to contact the company by telephone. I have no idea how I am going to get my money back.

  10. I ordered a pair of prescription glasses from them on 31st May. Absolutely nothing from them so far and impossibel to reach by phone. They have responded to my emails to be fair (blaming their suppliers in Italy) but they’re not filling me with any confidence.

  11. I am in the same situation, i ordered some sunglasses on 30th May and they have still not been delivered. I have emailed the company several times and tried to call them. Their phoneline just goes dead when you try to connect to the relevant department. I paid with my credit card so i don’t if i am covered in the event i have been scammed?

    I will also try and spread the word.

  12. I echo Maria’s response , I ordered a pair of glasses 3 weeks ago from wantsunglasses.co.uk and numerous emails later have gone unanswered and i’m still without my glasses or any info. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing as this seems to be the low standard set by wantsunglasses.co.uk and right now i have a feeling i’ve been scammed.

    I will be taking this further and contacting every watchdog organisation to do my best to spread the word about them.

  13. I ordered two pairs of sunglasses from the wantsunglasses.co.uk but they did not have them as they were both discontinued. They said they would refund both my orders. It has been four weeks now and i have still to receive my refunds. I looked at the feedback for this company and they said they do not refund. I would not recommend to buy anything from this company and I have taken this further!!!

    1. Hey Maria, did you ever get your refund? I went through the same thing and they sent me an email today that they will refund me. Should i hold my breath?

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