Ultrabland Cleanser

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The latest cleanser I’ve tried is Ultrabland from Lush.  The woman in the shop said it was brilliant at removing make-up, especially mascara, which is the reason I choose this over the other cleansers .  It’s quite thick and contains beeswax which means that it doesn’t smell all that good – the beeswax is there to remove make-up.  I apply the cleanser to dry skin and then remove it using hot water and a cloth.  You have to be careful to remove all of the cleanser – a couple of times my face has felt a little waxy after cleansing so I’ve had to go back and wash it again – and I find a cloth the best way of making sure I get it all off.  It really is good at removing make-up and doesn’t take a lot of rubbing.  I really like this cleanser and the only downside for me is that the smell is nothing special!

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