Trip to Guildford in the Kia Soul

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This week I drove to Guildford to pick my boyfriend Nick up from university.  It was the first time I’d driven to Guildford and I managed to get myself well and truly lost – the under 3 hour drive took me over 4 hours!  I managed to get there in the end though and only used just over a quarter of a tank of fuel which I thought was quite good.  The Soul is an automatic which was easier as there is less to concentrate on when you’re lost and trying to read signs in rain and sleet.  We had to come back to Cardiff a day early because of the weather warnings of snow in the South East.  It was Nick’s first long journey in the car and so I asked him what he thought of it.  He’s not one of those blokes who’s really into cars but he did say that the car was ‘comfortable and the audio system was fun’.  The audio system is great as you can plug in mp3 players, iPods or memory sticks and change the tracks on the car rather than faffing about with the actual mp3 player.  We missed all the snow in Guildford and I love the snow so hopefully we’ll get some here in Cardiff tomorrow like the weather forecast predicts!

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