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This weekend I finished reading Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna which I thought was brilliant.  I’ve got to be honest, the main reason I picked up this book in the shop was because I liked the front cover but after reading the blurb I decided I had to read it.

Set in Coorg, India at the end of the 1800s, the story follows the life of Devi who was the first girl born into her family for over 60 years.  Through her childhood she is inseparable from her friend Devanna but that starts to change when she meet the Tiger Killer Machu.  Even though she is still a girl she vows that one day she will marry him.  However, she doesn’t realise that Devanna is in love with her and in the end a tragedy changes all of their lives.  I don’t want to spoil the book so won’t tell you any more than that!

The book really is a wonderful read and the way it is written truly draws you in and paints such a vivid picture you almost feel as though you’re there.   Tiger Hills is Mandanna’s debut novel but I’m really looking forward to reading other books by her (I don’t think any more have been published just yet so I’ll have to keep an eye out!).

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