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Think Pink is a website which sells girly items for people who love pink.  They sell lots of different products from stationary to home accessories to dressing up costumes.  This website is a great place to find pretty gifts for girls of all ages and if you spend over £30 then you get free delivery within the UK.

I love my new Union Jack Apron which I now wear every time I make my cupcakes.  It is so much easier to make icing when you are not worrying about getting icing sugar all over your clothes!

I’ve also got some bright and fluffy new pink fairy lights.  The website has all sorts of fairy lights including fluffy ones, flowery ones and heart shaped ones.

Lots of the stuff on the website is for younger girls but there is also plenty for older ones as well.  The home accessories section has lots of colourful versions of boring kitchen items such as patterned oven gloves and flowery bread baskets.  I really like the Union Jack Weekend Holdall in the travel section and the hot water bottle covers are cute.

The website also has a small section for boys called blue2 which sells stuff aimed at young boys.

I think this is a fabulous website and will definitely be back to look for birthday and Christmas presents for my friends and family.

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