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I’ve got the Rose Geranium scented candle by The Spitalfields Candle Co.  It smells gorgeous and leaves the house smelling lovely for quite a while after I’ve blown it out.  Usually scented candles seem to be the colour you would expect them to be, (if you know what I mean!) so I was quite surprised to find that the Rose Geranium candle is actually white instead of pink.  I think this is much better as it means it can go in every room in the house without clashing with the walls!  When I looked on the website I noticed that all of the candles are white which is good as you can pick your favourite scent rather that just going for the one which matches the room best.

The Spitalfields Candle Co is based in London where they produce 100% natural candles.   All of their candles come in a glass holder in either 60g or 200g.  The 60g candles burn for around 10 hours and the 200g candles for approximately 45 hours.  You can either buy the candles online or from a number of shops around the country.

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