The Sound of Music

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Last week I sawThe Sound of Music’ at the Bristol Hippodrome.  I’ve seen the show with a different cast in London but I think this one might have been slightly better.  Connie Fisher (winner of ‘How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?’) played Maria and she was brilliant.  She has a lovely voice and is a fantastic singer – I don’t think she hit a wrong note through the whole performance.  I was surprised at how good an actress she was as I didn’t actually watch the TV program so wasn’t sure what to expect.  She didn’t overact at all which is something that gets on my nerves a bit in some musicals.  The rest of the cast were great as well and I’d definitely recommend this version of ‘The Sound of Music’.  The only downside of the whole night was the fact that the seats in the Hippodrome can in no way be described as comfy! But then I suppose that’s what you get for buying the cheapest tickets right at the back of the theatre!

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