The Lion King

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The Lyceum Theatre has been the home of The Lion King for over 10 years and after seeing it for the first time this weekend I can see why it is still being sold out after all of this time.  The opening scene is mesmerising with the parade of animals moving through the audience and the African style singing.  All of the costumes are very imaginative and elaborate with nobody inside a Disneyland style suit!  The stage itself is extremely clever.  Throughout the show, the set was constantly changing, whether it was the actual stage moving or actors wearing headwear that looked like grass dancing across the stage.

The cast are also brilliant.  The woman who plays Rafiki the monkey, Brown Lindiwe Mkhize is an amazing singer and makes it feel like you really are in the African Pride lands.  George Asprey who plays Scar is really good at playing the bad guy and got loads of boos at the end of the performance!  Other actors who stood out were Stephen Matthews who plays Zazu and Keith Bookman who plays Pumbaa and the performance was helped by having such good backing singers and dancers.

Everyone knows the songs from the film but there are other great songs in the stage version which make it different and new.  I thought the whole show was fantastic and would absolutely love to see it again, I don’t think I would ever get bored of it!

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