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Holy Fit is campaign by lingerie specialists Freya to educate women about getting a bra which fits properly.  According to Ann-Marie Manley, the Head of Marketing for Freya, around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  Wearing the wrong sized bra can make your boobs look the wrong shape, can feel uncomfortable if straps dig in and can even lead to bad posture.

British fashion designer Laura Lees has launched a limited edition range of t-shirts to help promote the Holy Fit campaign.  The t-shirts are on sale here and cost £25 each with all proceeds going to the Genesis Appeal which is the only charity in the UK dedicated only to preventing breast cancer.  Due to the t-shirts being limited edition, there are only 60 of each design available so you will need to be quick to get your hands on one.   I have got the Rose Girl t-shirt which I wear all the time – it looks great with a pair of jeggings.

So, what does the Holy Fit campaign say about getting fitted?  Well, to start with, they recommend that every woman gets fitted every 6 months as our bodies change shape all the time so regular fittings are beneficial.  You can find Freya-trained fitters at major department stores or at independent boutiques around the country.  Getting the right size bra should give your boobs a better shape and the bra should be more comfortable so your posture will improve.

How can you tell that just bra is the perfect size for your boobs?  If a bra fits properly then it should fasten comfortably on the loosest hook.  As the bra adjusts to your body (and it gets older so the elastic starts to go a bit) you can gradually move to the tightest hook.  Having to use the tightest hook the first time you wear the new bra means that the bra is the wrong size for you.  Other ways to tell if the bra is the wrong size include:

  • The straps dig in/ are too loose so fall off you sholder
  • Your boobs look droopy as they don’t have enough support
  • The underwire digs in/ is standing away from you chest
  • The bra rides up your back
  • It looks like you have double boobs as they are squeezed out of the cups

After finding out about the Holy Fit campaign, I think I am wearing the wrong sized bra so will be booking a fitting asap!

Click here to read first hand about a fitting in one of Freya’s boutiques.

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