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After Tuesdays post on the Christmas chocolate puddings, I’ve got into the Christmas spirit and have found another brilliant chocolate idea……

Has anyone heard of The Chocolate Moon?  They are a company which deliver luxury chocolates straight to your door and the chocolates look amazing!  The Chocolate Moon have come up with a fantastic Christmas gift – a YEARS SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATE!

Each box of chocolates is really well presented, looks luxurious and tastes scrumptious (well, I’ve only sampled one box but all of the chocolates look delicious so I’m sure they taste delicious too!).  A box of chocolates is sent to the recipient monthly and you can choose the twelve boxes from a wide range of truffles and chocolates on the website.

The year of chocolates costs £99 but there is the option to send a box every two months for £55 or double the amount of chocolate for £149.  I think this is a brilliant idea!

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