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I’ve been sent a box of goodies from LoveThyMakeUp to try out.  So far, I’ve been impressed with the products they sent, but this eye shadow is horrific!  It it called Tutti Fruity and according to the website is peach but it’s more like neon orange.  The colour shown on the website also looks really different to the real colour.

The colour really doesn’t suit my skin tone at all but I think it would probably look much better on darker skin. It wasn’t just the colour I didn’t like though.  It is really hard to apply as the brush isn’t very good and the powder goes absolutely everywhere.  Just pulling out the brush drops glittery orange eye shadow all over the place!  I can really see why it costs just £1.99 and with all of the other cheap but actually good products on the website, I definitely won’t be buying this again.

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