Summer Essentials: Hair Care

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My hair doesn’t cope all that well on holidays.  The sun makes it go dry and frizzy and the chlorine just adds to that.  I’ve got a few products this year which will hopefully help my hair out in Thailand!

Mark Hill Anti Humidity Spray & Anti Humidity Spray

Both of these products are from the Holiday Hair range.  I really love the bright summery packaging!  If the anti humidity spray works it will be amazing while I’m away as my hair tends to get quite big when it’s humid – think Monica from Friends!  The protection spray is supposed to protect your hair and scalp from drying out so hopefully it will be another way to calm down the frizz.

Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray & Miracle Shine Spray

I’m not entirely sure that I will end up using the Climate Control Protection Spray as it is quite similar to the Mark Hill Anit Humidity Spray.  It leaves my hair feeling a bit more stiff that the Mark Hill version as this one is actually a hairspray.  I think it might stay in my drawer for next year!  The Miracle Shine Spray contains Argan Oil which works well with my hair type.  It leaves it looking smooth and soft so I hope it works this well when I’m in the sun!

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