Summer Essentials: Bug Spray!

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The worst thing about holidays is getting bitten by all those bugs!  I really hate having itchy bites so have invested in a few different insect repellents this summer.

Jungle Formula Maximum
When I went to get my injections done for Thailand, the nurse told me I needed to get a bug spray containing at least 50% DEET which this one does.  I’m not entirely sure why DEET sprays are better than non-DEET sprays but I don’t think it’s worth ignoring the nurse as I didn’t get the malaria vaccination so don’t want to catch that!  This spray has a pretty strong smell and lasts up to 10 hours.  Hopefully it does the job.

Ultrathon Insect Repellent

This one contains 35% DEET.  I took it to Kos and only got one bite during the whole week.  Again it has a strong smell but I think that’s better than having bites which itch for weeks after you get home from holidays!

Kiwiherb Herbal Insect Repellent

This insect repellent is natural so doesn’t contain any DEET.  I prefer to use natural products wherever possible but got this one before the nurse told me I’d need a spray with 50% DEET.  It smells much better than the other two – kind of like aniseed/liquorish mixed with lemon – so it’s a shame it isn’t strong enough for me to use in Thailand!

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