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I think I’m a bit obsessed with skin care at the moment.  I’ve got a few moisturisers on the go at the moment and have also found a really lovely aftersun to take on holiday.

Nurture Replenish Body Butter

I think this may be the  most hydrating body butter I’ve ever used.  It doesn’t leave any sort of greasiness but it does take a little while to sink in, especially if you’re still not completely dry from a shower.  It has a sweet scent, I would have said it was kind of floral but according to the website it is sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.  I love it!  The Nurture Body Butter costs £8.45 for 200ml.

Living Nature Ultra Rich Body Cream

Some of the Living Nature products I’ve tried from MyPure have had a bit of an odd smell but this one is gorgeous.  It contains active manuka honey so the scent is very, very sweet.  It has a really thick texture but only takes a bit of rubbing to get it to sink in and once it’s sunk in it doesn’t feel greasy at all.  It is actually quite similar to the Nurture Body Butter except that all of the ingredients are completely natural.  However, it is quite a lot more expensive – £27 for 150ml!

Lovea Organic After Sun Lotion

I don’t think I really get the difference between after sun and just general body lotion – does anyone know?!  I always buy after sun for holidays even though I don’t tend to burn much.  I love the smell of this after sun!  Again it sinks in really well and doesn’t feel greasy.  I’m taking this to Thailand but it’s only 125ml which doesn’t seem like it will last for 3 weeks so I’ve got a little Boots after sun as well!  The Lovea After Sun is entirely natural which I think is brilliant and it costs £8.99 for 125ml (currently on offer for £6.75) which is more than I’d usually pay but I wanted to try out a natural after sun.


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