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I suffer from pretty bad hay fever throughout the summer and one symptom I have is itchy skin. I get itchy patches on my chest and arms and also have extremely itchy eyes. Recently, I was sent some Cardiospermum Gel from Skin Shop to try out.
I have got both the one designed specifically for eyes and the one for the rest of the body. I really like the body one. It is so cool and soothing to apply, and even though the effects don’t last very long, it still feels really nice not to be itchy for half hour or so. It does calm down very itchy patches quite well and takes out the majority of the redness, but it doesn’t totally get rid of itching so don’t expect a miracle cure!

I am not such a bit fan of the eye gel. It has the same effect as the body version but I find that it is no better than the Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On which I have been using for a while now. The Simple version is nicer to apply as it has a roller ball applicator which feels even more cooling than the gel. I also find that the Cardiospermum eye gel leaves a sticky residue which I am not too keen on. If you suffer from itchy skin, I would definitely recommend giving the body gel a try but am personally not sold on the eye gel version. You can buy both products from Skin Shop, the body gel for £9.95 and the eye gel for £6.95.

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