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Simple Simon’s is an online pie shop selling handmade pies using local ingredients with no additives.  They are based in Scottish Southern Uplands but deliver pies to the rest of the country.

The Valentine’s Sweetie Pie is a gorgeous mix of fruit and chocolate which is really hard to describe so I’m going to cheat and just show you the blurb about the pie from their website……

“Pears are chopped and roasted with chopped chilli peppers and some coarse ground black pepper. Meanwhile a fudge is made with dark brown sugar, butter and cream. Bananas are pureed into the fudge and dark chocolate melted into it. Juice from morello cherries is reduced with kahlua and then added to the chocolate banana fudge together with the roasted chilli pears. The filling is crowned with the addition of morello cherries. Puff pastry moulds are then filled with the mixture and baked. Topped with chocolate covered cherries.”

How can you not want one after reading that?!  They really do taste soooo good and are very easy as you just need to stick them in the oven for 20 minutes or so.

I’ve also tried out the Breakfast Pie.  Now, I’m not really a pie lover but I have to admit that this pie really is tasty.  It is filled with potato, bacon, egg, beef sausage, beans, tomato and cheddar so is like having a full cooked breakfast.  It’s really filling as well but I don’t think it would be healthy to eat them every day!  The pies are quite expensive, around £4 – 5 but are completely worth it for a special occasion!

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