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A few days ago I got back from 2 weeks at a campsite called Sérignan Plage near Béziers in the South of France.  We had two Eurocamp vans for 8 people which was a bit crowded but didn’t really matter as we only really used the vans to sleep in due to the amazingly hot and sunny weather.

The campsite is brilliant.  It has direct access onto a long sandy beach as well as a pool with slides and a spa for over 16s.  We spent lots of time on the beach but the spa was really enjoyable as well.  It has a pool for swimming and a pool with lots of massage jets and also has very comfy sunbeds!  Only two people from each tent/ caravan can go into the spa at once meaning it doesn’t get overcrowded and you can always find a sunbed.

The campsite has a cute little shopping area with a mini-supermarket, pâtisserie,  boucherie, poissonnerie, hairdressers and gift shops.  The buildings look like original farm buildings but could just be built to look that way, I’m not really sure.  Every day there are also a number of stalls where people sell jewellery clothes etc.

We had two hire cars so were able to go off site and look around some of the nearby towns and villages.  The closest town to the campsite is Béziers which is around a 15 minute drive.  We happened to be there during their festival so it was very busy with lots of food stalls everywhere although all of the normal shops were closed.  The old part of the town is nice and there is a massive cathedral with a fantastic view over the countryside.

Sète is a small town about an hour from the campsite.  There was also a festival on here so we went along to watch water jousting which none of us had ever heard of before.  We arrived a few hours before the jousting started but all of the seats were already taken and you couldn’t move for people!  The actual jousting ended up being a bit boring but the atmosphere before with all the stalls and music was fun.

We drove up into the mountains one day to have a wander round a few villages.  One tiny village called Roquebrun was especially lovely.  It is on a hill above the river and there’s a little beach where you can swim and look up at the whole village.

When we left France it was 36°C and we arrived back in Bristol to cloudy grey sky, pouring rain and 14° which was quite disappointing!  Never mind, at least the weather is better here today!

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