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In the run up to Christmas I saw loads of adverts for a website called Semichem which I had never heard of before.  I had a look at the website and ended up ordering the Lanvin L’Homme Sport aftershave as a gift.  Semichem sell beauty products, perfume/aftershave and makeup.  They also have a slightly random “House” section which has things like air fresheners, bin bags and batteries!  Semichem has a big range of brands from Rimmel and Dove to DKNY and fcuk.  There are some really great offers and you get free delivery if you spend over £25.  The aftershave I ordered was dispatched really quickly and was packaged well so there was no chance that it would have smashed in the post.  I hate it when things aren’t packaged properly – I ordered my work Secret Santa gift from Play and it arrived with the cardboard box all broken so looked like I was giving my Secret Santa a gift I had left over from last year!  Anyway, back to Semichem… I will definitely be using Semichem again, there are some brilliant deals and I had really good service.

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