Salter Nutri-Weigh Electronic Kitchen Scales

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The Nutri-Weigh Slim Electronic Kitchen Scale by Salter is a kitchen scales with a built in database listing the nutritional information of 999 different foods. It is easy to store away due to its slim design and is also very simple to use.

The scales have a ‘zero’ button which means you can measure food in any sort of container you want, or add different ingredients to the same bowl, and you can quickly switch between measuring units using just one button. I really like the fact that you can measure out liquids in millilitres or fluid ounces using the scales. To find out the nutritional information of the food you are measuring, you just need to type in the 3 number food code which you can find in the booklet that comes with the scales. Once you’ve got the information, it is very clearly displayed so that you can see the amount calories, fat, cholesterol etc. There is the option to store the nutritional values of up to 99 foods to the scales memory. I haven’t bothered using this feature as it is so simple to just type in the code of the food you want to look up.

I think these scales are perfect for anyone trying to watch what they eat as you can check exactly what you are eating and therefore get the right portion size. It can also be used for just normal weighing so can really be used by anyone!

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