Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Serum

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I have been taking a break from nail varnish recently in the hope of strengthening my nails and repairing some of the damage done by my almost constant nail varnish wearing. To help me along the way, I have been using the Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Serum.
image I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a treatment I wasn’t sure would work but I was lucky enough to find this for just £4.99 on Amazon. You apply the serum to your nails using the pipette. It has the texture of a thick gel so doesn’t run all over your nails. It stays sitting nicely on your nails until you rub it in over your cuticles and nails themselves. I have been pretty impressed with the serum. After using it daily for a few weeks, my nails are definitely stronger and the ends are less flakey. I have also noticed that they are growing faster and my cuticles are looking a lot less dry. You can use the serum right before applying nail varnish as well which means that your nails stay in better condition under the colour. Definitely a product that works and I would have been happy if I had paid full price!

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