Sainsbury’s Pots & Pans – Le Creuset Style

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This might seem like a slightly odd post but I wanted to tell you about the new casserole dish and griddle pan I had for Christmas!  I enjoy cooking and ever since John Lewis opened in Cardiff a few years ago I’ve wanted one of the cast iron Le Creuset casserole dishes which come in some lovely colours.  They are really expensive though, with the smallest size £85.  Even in the Amazon sale they are still super expensive!

For Christmas, my mum got me a similar casserole dish from Sainsbury’s.  It is cast iron, a gorgeous teal colour and the only physical difference from the Le Creuset one is the lid.  The main difference between the two pots is the price.  My 3 litre pot cost £30!  So as long as you don’t care about having the brand name on the lid of your pot, you really may as well buy the Sainsbury’s version.  The range of colours isn’t quite as big but there is a big enough range to suit most kitchens.

My nan got me a matching Sainsbury’s griddle pan (also cast iron) which cost £20 instead of the £69 Le Creuset charge.  Both of the pans come with a 10 year guarantee as well!

Has anyone else got the pans from Sainsbury’s?  What do you think of them?

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