Rustic Rose Pillar Candle

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Over Christmas I had an Orange and Cinnamon candle tin from the St Eval Candle Company which smelled amazing.  My second candle from the same company is the Rustic Rose Pillar Candle which also smells gorgeous.  It costs £11 and should burn for 90 hours.  I would definitely recommend it especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

St Eval Candle Company has so many lovely candles you’re sure to find something.  They have tealights, pillar candles, candles in tins or glasses with different colours and patterns as well as a few outdoor candles and even garden flares!  Although they are quite expensive compared to places like IKEA, it’s worth it as they smell more natural somehow and don’t give off the soot you can get from cheaper candles.

You can either buy online or from one of the stockists listed here.

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