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A few weeks ago I started a Rosetta Stone online German course.  The Rosetta Stone courses work by immersing you in the language you are learning in the same way that we all learn our first language by immersion when we are little.

I’ve been wanting to try a Rosetta Stone course since I had to stop learning German as part of my degree due to a timetable clash.  So far I’m really enjoying the course.  There are no English instructions, you just learn by associating pictures to the words and sounds.   When you sign up for the course you get sent a headset which is used to help you with your speaking.  Everything you say into it is compared to a native speaker so you can see how good your accent is which is quite helpful.

When I did my German GCSE we spent a lot of time learning grammar.  I can’t really see how the Rosetta Stone software can teach you the grammar properly but I’m still very early on in the course so I might be surprised!

Rosetta Stone have over 30 different languages you can learn.  You can either buy each level of the language separately as you get better or you can buy them all in one go.  There is also the option to learn online with a 6 or 12 month subscription.

I’m really excited to keep learning German and I think Rosetta Stone will help me a lot.

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