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My Rosetta Stone experience of learning Japanese has been improving since my last post on the subject!  I’ve spent some time on the pronunciation and seem to be getting better at it so it’s not quite as frustrating any more.

I'd love to visit Japan - how pretty does this look?

When I started to learn French and German and school, the first things we were taught to say were ‘my name is…’, ‘I live in…..’, ‘I have… sisters’ etc.  I’m finding it slightly strange that this is not what the Rosetta Stone course starts off with.  Instead, the first lesson consists of learning a few random words such as boy, girl as well as sentences like ‘the man is swimming’ ‘they are cooking’.  There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to what each lesson is trying to teach you but then I suppose that is more like real life.  If you went to a country to learn a language, people wouldn’t talk to you in topics like in a textbook.  There are also some points in the first couple of lessons where I’m not sure if we are changing tense or if the sentence structure is just different and we are still in present tense.  I’m hoping that this will become clearer as I get further into the course.

I am still open minded as to whether it is possible to learn a language from scratch using the Rosetta Stone method but I’m having fun trying so I’ll keep you updated!

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  1. I have seriously thought about trying to improve my French and possibly to learn Spanish, too, but haven’t done it yet. I am definitely interested in how it goes as you move along. Good luck and hope you get to go Japan.

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