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I’m getting to the end of my Rosetta Stone online subscription now and I am really going to miss it.  It has been great to be able to practice my German every few days, even if it is only for 5 minutes or so and it has really helped me.  The main benefit I have found with the Rosetta Stone program is that is has helped me built my confidence with speaking.  Before, I would look at words and panic, not having a clue how to pronounce them, but Rosetta Stone has taught me to break the words down into groups I know how to pronounce.  It has been a kind of subconscious learning as there is no reading endlessly from textbooks!  The interactive nature of the program makes it a lot of fun to use and I my vocabulary has improved without me really trying that hard.

I would love to see whether the Rosetta Stone technique works when learning a language from scratch.  It has been immensely helpful in consolidating my knowledge of German and expanding my vocabulary but I’m not sure it would be quite so easy to use when you’ve never has any lessons in a language, especially one which is completely different to English such as Chinese or Japanese.  Maybe I’ll invest in a new subscription to find out……

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