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This month I’ve been trying out the Radius Original Toothbrush from MyPure.

The handle is designed so that you brush your teeth at the dentist recommended 45 degree angle.  I’ve got the left handed version but obviously you can get a right handed one as well!  The head is much much bigger than a normal toothbrush which means it cleans your gums as well as your teeth.  The bristles on the toothbrush don’t absorb water meaning they last 9 months instead of 3.

Once I’d got used to the bigger toothbrush head, I really liked using this toothbrush as I felt it cleaned my teeth really well and wasn’t harsh on my gums.

I usually use an electric toothbrush which cleans my teeth amazingly well so I won’t stop using that in favour of a Radius toothbrush, but if I still used a manual brush I would definitely be switching to this!

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