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Rachel’s Organic are Britain’s first certified organic dairy.  I don’t usually buy organic foods as they are more expensive but I’ve tried a few Rachel’s products now and I really like them.  Rachel’s sell all sorts of yogurts and desserts as well as milk, cream and butter.  They also have a range of yogurts for children which don’t contain any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.  All of the products are nicely packaged and they don’t actually cost as much as I would have expected organic products to cost.

I try to eat lots of dairy to keep my bones strong and hopefully stop myself getting osteoporosis when I’m older.  Everything I’ve tried from Rachel’s tastes really good and there is loads of choice which makes it easier to eat enough dairy.  The rice puddings are exceptionally tasty and are the closest to homemade rice pudding than any other shop bought rice pudding I’ve ever had.  I also like the idea of having Greek Yogurt that is already flavoured with honey/ cherries/ coconut.

The Rachel’s website has a recipe section which gives you lots of ideas of where to use their products.  There are a few cake recipes which look interesting and a cupcake recipe using yogurt.  I’d quite like to try this as I’ve never used yogurt when making a cake before.

You can buy Rachel’s Orgainc products from supermarkets as well as health food shops.

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