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I hadn’t heard of Queen before I tried this hand cream so here’s a bit of background for anyone else who doesn’t know them.  Queen was founded in 1927 by a pharmacist and three dermatologists.  The company makes products for people with sensitive skin and they don’t use any unnecessary ingredients.  The company isn’t very big but source 90% of their ingredients and packaging from the UK rather than going abroad.  They also ask people to send their empty containers back to them for recycling.

So, onto the hand cream itself.  Queen Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream is a really moisturising hand cream which is good for dry and sensitive skin.  I can see it being very useful over the winter as the cold tends to dry my skin out.  Even though the hand cream is for people with dry skin, it is not overly greasy and is easily absorbed.  I like hand creams which smell nice so the only downside to this hand cream for me is that it doesn’t have much of a smell at all.  However, I do like the blue colour of the hand cream which is quite unique!  I’m a bit annoyed at myself as I left the hand cream at home when I came back to uni so haven’t got a photo to show you the colour.

I like the fact that the hand cream comes in a little tub so you can get the very last bit out and I also think the name makes it sound like it’s a bit more special than some other brands!  You can buy the Sensiderma Hand Cream in two sizes: 50g RRP £9.35 or 10g RRP £3.75.  The smaller size is perfect for keeping in your bag or for taking with you on holidays.

Based on the hand cream, I think it’s worth trying more Queen products.  Has anyone else used this hand cream?  What did you think?

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