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My skin seems to have changed recently and become a lot less dry.  I’ve been finding my usual moisturisers and cleansers too rich so have decided to give my skin a break and just use this make-up remover from Queen and a tiny amount of moisturiser afterwards.  I’ve tried a few products by Queen over the past year or so (see my review of the spectacular Eyelash Cream here!) and have been really impressed with the brand.  Their products are made for sensitive skin and do exactly what they say they will – they are also amazingly gentle!  The make-up remover is brilliant at getting rid of mascara and eyeliner and doesn’t sting your eyes at all.  I have actually been using it to remove make-up from my face as well and it does a great job at that too.  In the photo above it looks quite solid – maybe like a balm – but once you dip your finger in it becomes fluffy and soft in texture!  I’ve found that the product works best if you gently rub it into your face/eyes when they are damp and then remove with a wet cloth.  You don’t need to rub very hard at all to get the make-up off from around your eyes which is another bonus.  You can buy Queen Eye Make-up Remover online for £15 for 50g.

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