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I think I’ve found my perfect set of hair products!  The Super Skinny range by Paul Mitchell aims to smooth and soften hair and it definitely does both.

The shampoo comes in a tall, skinny, stylish bottle and smells good – I don’t think it has a specific smell but it’s kind of melon like.  The conditioner comes in a matching bottle and is actually called a ‘Daily Treatment’ but basically does the same as a conditioner.  I hardly needed to use any of it to make my hair lovely and soft which is practically unheard of with my hair (usually I need to use handfuls of conditioner for it to have any effect!).

There are a few other products in the range but the one I’ve been using to style my hair is the Super Skinny Serum.  The bottle says to apply one pump of serum to your hair but as mine is so frizzy I decided to use two instead, which turned out to be the perfect amount for my hair.  I’ve used the Frizz-Ease serum before but found that I had to use loads of it to combat the frizz and then my hair would end up looking greasy.  It wasn’t really worth the money as the bottle really didn’t last very long.  This Super Skinny Serum though has got rid of the frizz while leaving my hair looking like I’ve got no product on.  It’s also made my hair the softest it’s ever been.

The serum costs £14.25 for 150ml, the shampoo is £9.30 for 300ml and the conditioner is £11.50 for 300ml.  As I don’t need to use very much of the serum, the bottle should last me a while so I think it’s certainly worth the money.  I really like the shampoo and conditioner as well but they are quite expensive so I would probably just buy them as a treat every now and again!

One last thing about the Super Skinny Range – it is supposed to reduce dry time although I haven’t noticed any difference in the time it takes for my hair to dry.  This doesn’t make much difference to me though; I would still buy the products.

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