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You wouldn’t know what they are from the name but these cute glowing LED lights are fantastic.  I’ve been using them as an alternative to candles because it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep with them on but they would also make a good night light for children or just give a room a bit of atmosphere.   They are rechargeable and very cleverly know whether to turn themselves on or off when they approach the charging base!  The lights are about 15cm tall and are wireless so very easy to move around.  Also, they don’t heat up so you don’t burn your hands when you move them.   They can be used inside or outside.

I have got the ones shown in the picture but you can get different shapes and colours as well.  They are quite expensive, £54.95 for two.   On the other hand I’ve seen candles which cost almost as much as this but the lights should last much longer than any candle!  Anyway, I love my new lights and use them every evening!

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  1. Like these! Good for outside, in my summer house for example, which would probably go up like tinder if I put a candle flame in there! Can you get them in the UK, or just buy online?

    1. I’ve only seen them online – you can get them from Amazon UK as well as the link on the blog. I think I’ve seen similar things in Ikea as well but I’m not sure how much/ how good they are!

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