Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm

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I had the Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm for Christmas last year and have realised that I never got around to reviewing it!

I try and remember to use it at least once a week and I’m just about to run out after using it for nearly a year. You need to apply it evenly to dry hair. That means I have to brush my hair which makes it extremely frizzy (you probably won’t have this problem if you haven’t got curly hair!)…..

….. but after I’ve been in the shower the next morning my hair feels much softer and is easier to control. I think it’s also helped with split ends as well.

I think this product is perfect for hair like mine that needs extra moisture but according to the bottle, it is suitable for all hair types. Has anyone else used the Overnight Beauty Balm?

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