Organic Surge Super Smooth Salt Scrub

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I’ve recently started using the Organic Surge Super Smooth Salt Scrub.  I’ve used a couple of Organic Surge products before and really liked them, especially as they are free from parabens, SLS, and artificial colours / fragrances.  I always try to uses scrubs as I know that you’re supposed to but I don’t really ever notice a big effect, except on my elbows and this one definitely passes the elbow test!  I think it’s also been leaving my skin softer than normal as well.

The Salt Scrub smells amazing – a combination of lemon, lime and rosemary – so I really enjoy using it.  It’s also a nice texture and I like the way the salt dissolves and doesn’t leave a mess at the bottom of your shower / bath like other scrubs can do.  I think the packaging is good too as I’ve had scrubs in the past which were in tubes that ended up getting blocked by bits of grit.  The lid on this tub is nice and wide so you can easily grab big handfuls without spending ages squeezing a tube.

You can buy this scrub online for £32.  Does anyone else use Organic Surge products?  What do you think of them?

ps… I’ve got tons of uni work at the moment what with my technical project (dissertation type thing) and other coursework deadlines (and finals – but I’m not thinking about them yet!), so I might not get around to posting quite as often as I have been over the past few months sorry!

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