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Baby in sun hat crawling on lawn
Baby sitting on rug on grass playing with toys

For a few weeks now, since our trip to the Lake District in fact, Dylan has officially been on the move. He’s been showing interest in standing for a long time but didn’t seem at all bothered about crawling. If we put him on his tummy, he’d tolerate it for a few minutes but made little effort to crawl.

That changed about a week or so before he he actually crawled. When we put him on his tummy, he started wriggling and trying desperately to move. He got so frustrated but finally managed to slither across the room – I wouldn’t call it a crawl and it took forever but he eventually made it. A couple of days later, he realised how to get his arms and legs working together and was off. In just a few days he got so fast and now we can’t stop him.

He’s also become a master at pulling himself up on furniture and walking while holding on. He can even stand unsupported for a few seconds – usually until he realises what he’s doing when he panics and falls over.

Baby standing next to stair gate

Trying to figure out how the stair gates work is his new favourite game. I just know he’ll be through them like a shot if we ever leave one open so we’re attempting to teach him to come down stairs safely, just in case. He also loves finding the springy doorstops to play with. Who needs all these baby toys anyway!

It’s so lovely watching him explore and become more independent but at the same time makes me want to cry – where has my tiny little baby gone?

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