Nubar Polka Dot Nail Lacquer

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I’m always jealous when I see girls with amazing patterns on their nails because I just can’t do any sort of pattern on my own nails!  I can just about apply nail varnish ok on my right hand (I’m left handed) but I end up spending ages picking nail varnish off the skin around my nails on my left hand.  If I try anything like polka dots or even just a simple stripe across the top, I make a massive mess of it and have to take it off.

I was so happy when I saw this varnish from Nubar!  It means I can get cute dots on my nails without the hassle of painting each one on individually.  The polish looks dark grey in the bottle but actually comes out clear so can be used over any colour.  You can’t really choose where the dots end up but could probably move the bigger dots around with a cocktail stick if you wanted.

I love this polish – it’s so quick to use and instantly makes your nails look a little bit more special!  Definitely worth the £8.

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