NOTW: Red Velvet

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I was so excited on Christmas morning to find a set of flocking powder under the tree!  I decided to go with a Christmassy feel for my first try at using the powder so painted my nails a deep red (Tate by Nails Inc) and topped them with the red powder.  The powder is really easy to use.  You just pour it over a wet coat of nail polish, shake off the excess and then pat down with your finger.  If you do this over a piece of paper you can catch the excess and put it back in the pot for next time.  I love the matte effect the powder gives your nails and I think it looks great up close.  It also feels lovely and soft!  The powder lasted much better than I expected and after five days wear was still there, although not as full a covering as when I first applied it.

I’m not sure exactly where my flocking powder was from as it was a Christmas present but you can buy lots of different colours from Born Pretty.

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  1. How adorable! I might have missed the Christmas season but I imagine this would look really cute in pastels for Easter 🙂 I’ll definitely have to give this a try

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