NOTW: Oil Slick

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A few weeks ago I got a load of new paint pots from CiatéOil Slick is the first one I’ve tried and I really like it.  The consistency is lovely, making it easy to apply and I only needed two coat to get full opacity.
I love the way it changes between gold and green in different lights!  I also used the Ciaté top and base coats and the combination meant that my didn’t chip for a good six days – the top and base coats are a million times better than the cheap Asda one I’ve been using lately!
The Ciaté bottle is super cute, especially with the little bow on the front and I was also amazed at how easy this colour was to remove.
I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the rest of the colours I’ve got!  What Ciaté colours would you recommend?

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