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Just before Christmas I was sent some Andrea Fulerton Nail Jewels so thought I would try them out for my work Christmas do.  I was all ready to be sat doing my nails for an hour as I thought they would be super fiddly to apply but they turned out to be pretty simple and I was done in just 20 minutes!  You apply the gems with the applicator and as long as you are quite gentle it doesn’t matter if you accidentally brush your wet nail polish or move the gem around slightly on your nail.  You need to press quite firmly to stick the gem once you have it in position but like I said, it was surprisingly easy to position the gems where I wanted them.The gems I positioned in the flower shapes stayed put on my nails for almost a week.  I was a bit annoyed though that the gems I positioned along the tips of some nails fell off really quickly – some within just a few hours.  Next time I use these I will definitely make sure I don’t stick any gems near the tips!

Who else has tried nail gems?  What did you think of them?


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