NOTW: Magical Blue Aura

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This week I’m wearing one of my oldest nail polishes which I bought all the way back in 2004 when I was on holiday in Florida. I haven’t worn it in a long time and am quite surprised that it still hasn’t gone gloopy! It’s a blue holo called Blue Aura and is part of the Sally Hansen Magical collection – it’s been discontinued but I have seen it on eBay.

I really love this colour and the way that it sparkles in the light but it can be a bit of a pain to apply. It tends to drag and can look a bit patchy if you don’t apply enough. It also chips a lot more easily than most other nail polishes I own – but it’s so lovely and sparkly I don’t really care!

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  1. This is one stunning colour, love all the colours within the sparkles! I managed to keep one varnish for at least five years and it never went gloopy. Some of them last ages!

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