NOTW: Hologram Glitter Overload!

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This week I decided to try the Nubar Hologram Glitter over some different colours to see which looks the best.

The colours I’ve used on my left hand are…..

Little finger: Nubar Vogue Vert

Ring finger: Elf Purple Dream

Middle finger: Body Collection Crystal Suede Midnight Blue

Index finger: Body Collection 2959

Thumb: No7 Stay Perfect Dollar

….. and on my right hand…..

Little finger: No7 Stay Perfect Milan

Ring finger: No7 Stay Perfect Stand Back

Middle finger: Miners Plum

Index finger: Rimmel 819 Green With Envy

Thumb: Elf Dark Purple Glitter

I really can’t choose which combination I prefer, I keep changing my mind!  I think the glitter looks good over all of the colours but different ones look better in different lights.  What do you think?  Have you got a favourite combination?

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