NOTW: Glitter Crackle Attempt 2

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A couple of weeks ago I broke out my glitter crackle polish that had been sitting in my nail varnish box since my first disastrous attempt at using it.  I’m pleased to say that my second go at using it worked out much better and I managed to get some quite impressive crackle patterns.  I couldn’t decide what colour to use as the base so I went with two – Purple Dream by elf, one of my absolute favourite polishes, and Mellow Yellow by 17 which is the most perfect and flattering summer yellow.

I liked the effect over both colours and will definitely be using this crackle a bit more often now I’ve figured out how it works!  The only downside is that it’s a right pain to remove!  I’ve recently tried my first natural nail polish remover, Eden, and it didn’t come close to being able to remove this polish.  To be honest, it even struggles to remove pale colours when you’ve got a top and base coat on.  I really wanted to love the natural remover as I feel as though I should use natural products as much as possible so I have been disappointed by Eden.  Has anyone else tried natural nail varnish removers?

ps…. Sorry for the maths backgrounds, I took these in the middle of revision!

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