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I’m still trying to catch up on my NOTW posts so here is one from a couple of weeks ago. I bought this Maybelline Forever Strong nail polish after I saw it on Essie-Button and realised that I didn’t have many pastel colours. I really, really love this colour and I think it would work well with a tan so it will be one that I take on holiday in August (I’m going to Thailand and am very excited!).
As much as I love the colour I have been slightly disappointed by this polish. It applies nicely and you can get opaque coverage in two coats but the bottle says “up to 7 days wear“….. I got two days. I usually manage to keep my nails chip free for around 4 days, especially when I use a base and top coat as I did here. I suppose as it says “up to” 7 days I can’t really complain but it is a bit annoying –  if they hadn’t have mentioned 7 days on the bottle then I wouldn’t have been disappointed by it only lasting two days, but there you go. Rant over!

Has anyone else noticed this with the Maybelline Forever Strong range?  Apart from it chipping easily, it is the perfect nail polish!

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