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Last week I bought two crackle polishes from 17 as part of the three for two offer in Boots.  I don’t own any other crackle polishes so this is the first time I’ve ever used it and I managed to make a bit of a mess.  The one I’m wearing this week (over Miners Plum) doesn’t have a name but is a black crackle with gold glitter.  I’m not sure if all crackle polishes are the same but this one seems quite thick and gloopy and I don’t think I ended up applying the right amount to get good crackles!  On some nails it didn’t seem to crackle very well at all!  I love the shine this polish has in the light from the glitter but my nails don’t look great up close – I think I’ll get better at applying crackle polish with practice though!  I took these photos on the second day of wearing the polish and there was already some tip wear which was a little disappointing.

What do you think of the colour?  Is there a special way to use crackle polish that I’m missing?!

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  1. I noticed this one last time I was in Boots and wondered what it would be like on. I’m not sure about it. It’s like it doesn’t know whether it wants to be a creme crackle or a glitter one.

    1. I’m going to give it another chance but I know what you mean, it’s not like I expected at all! I’ve got a normal crackle polish to try so hopefully that will work better 🙂

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