All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

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“Jenny’s wounds have healed.
An experimental treatment has removed the memory of a horrific and degrading attack.
She is moving on with her life.

That was the plan. Except it’s not working out.
Something has gone. The light in the eyes. And something was left behind. A scar. On her lower back. Which she can’t stop touching.
And she’s getting worse.
Not to mention the fact that her father is obsessed with finding her attacker and her mother is in toxic denial.

It may be that the only way to uncover what’s wrong is to help Jenny recover her memory. But even if it can be done, pulling at the threads of her suppressed experience will unravel much more than the truth about her attack.

And that could destroy as much as it heals.”

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The story of Jenny’s recovery is narrated by the family therapist so even though there is only one voice telling the tale, you get to hear it from a few different viewpoints. I got into the book right away and even though it’s tough reading at some points due to the awful attack Jenny has been subjected to, it kept me hooked and wanting to know what was going to happen next. There are lots of moral questions about the type of treatment that was used on Jenny shortly after her attack which really make you think and it was interesting to read about how different family members felt about the treatment. There are lots of strands to the story which are cleverly wound together and leave the ending wide open. I wouldn’t say it’s an enjoyable read as the subject matter is not nice, but it’s a great thriller which poses some thought-provoking questions.

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