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I’ve never really dried my hair with a hair dryer as they tend to make my (naturally curly) hair quite frizzy so I tend to just let it dry naturally.  Over the past few weeks however I’ve been using the Nicky Clarke Detox and Purify Dryer.  It claims to make your hair shiny and sleek due to the nano silver technology which supposedly cleanses your hair from toxins.  I use lots of conditioner on my hair so have to use cleansing shampoo quite often which is why I thought this hair dryer would be good for me.

Here’s the annoying thing though…..I’m not sure exactly how this nano silver technology actually works in a hair dryer and I can’t find anything online.  All I can see is that it is used to kill viruses and bacteria on surgical tools, in air purifiers and water purifiers.  So I’m not sure whether this nano silver technology does very much in a hair dryer?  It feels like they are just talking about it to make people think the hair dryer more exotic so might do something different to a normal hair dryer?  It would be nice to see some sort of explanation on the box or even just on the website.

Anyway, back to the hair dryer.  There’s not much to say about its appearance – it look like most hair dryers look!  It comes with two nozzles, one of them being a diffuser which is the one I use.  The diffuser is much smaller than any I’ve used in the past but it does seem to work just as well, if not better.  The hair dryer has actually been leaving my hair shinier than normal and it doesn’t make my hair really big and frizzy which has happened in the past!  It has 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings which, to be honest, I haven’t worked out how to use yet – does anyone really know how they work?!  (Not work as in how to switch between the settings but work as in how to style your hair differently using the settings!)

This hair dryer has surprised me in how well it’s worked for my hair but it is irritating that it’s not explained anywhere how the nano silver technology is used…..or is that just me?

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